Invest In Your Success

Your greatest investment in life is yourself. To maximize your current payoffs and future returns, establish an investment portfolio which addresses your mental, spiritual, physical, and financial well-being. The stronger the resolve and breadth of your efforts, the more likely your portfolio will flourish.

To set yourself up for success, start with these top 15 investment strategies. As you work through the process, you can always add others specifically tailored to your individual lifestyle.

(1)  Seek to achieve. Assume a “can do” attitude as you build your life portfolio. Be consistent in your approach and work around potential obstacles that may be thrown in your way.

(2)  Embrace change.  Keep in mind that change is inevitable. Your success depends upon your willingness to be flexible and adjust your course of action when necessary.

(3)  Live purposefully.  Stay focused on what’s important to you. Don’t let yourself get distracted or derailed by events and people that are irrelevant to your goals.

(4)  Cultivate your mind.  The key to keeping your mind active and alert is to use it. Find your passion in learning new things, reading good books, playing games, and taking classes. Seek knowledge to grow.

(5)  Tap into your creativity.  To open yourself up to novel possibilities and ways of connecting solutions to problems, get your creative juices flowing. A creative mindset will allow you to adapt more readily to life’s uncertainties and to address roadblocks as opportunities.

(6)  Nourish your body.  For optimum health and well-being, control what you put into your body. Maintain a balanced diet and consume only those things that will add value to your quality of life.

(7)  Keep active.  Physical activity or exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing obesity, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Make “movement” an integral part of your routine by incorporating a diverse set of personalized exercises into your daily schedule.

(8)  Maintain a positive attitude.  Discover the joy of living each day to the fullest. Make it your personal mission to embrace the positive and eliminate the negativity that can bring you down.

(9)  Practice mindfulness.  Mindfulness is a mental state that allows you to focus on what you are sensing in the present moment without hashing out the past or fixating on the future. Use mindfulness to become more aware of your moment-to-moment feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations, and immediate surroundings and to create harmony in the here and now.

(10) Use your intuition.  In today’s rapidly changing environments, we are consistently being exposed to misleading, contradictory, and ambiguous information.  In the absence of reliable information, combine your intuition or gut feelings with analytical reasoning to determine your best course of action to difficult decisions.

(11) Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Worrying is a colossal waste of time and energy. Instead of obsessing over things that are not important or out of your control, redirect your focus to resolving those critical challenges within your sphere of influence.

(12) Find time for you.  To alleviate some of your stress and strain, carve out some alone time just to relax and rejuvenate. Consider varying your activities to include meditating, reading inspirational articles, soaking in a hot tub with calming music, or sitting quietly in nature. Make it a time just for you.

(13) Establish financial security and independence.  Be wise about your finances. Learn to live within your means by creating sound earning and spending habits that don’t include becoming interdependent on another for his or her financial support.

(14) Be adventurous.  Step outside your comfort zone by opening yourself up to new experiences and interests. Muster up the courage to take chances that will enable you to explore life’s incredible adventures. Dare to soar.

(15) Stay the course.  When it comes to investing in your success, never give up. To effectively tackle life’s unavoidable adversities, learn to go around, over, or through them with the strength and commitment necessary to achieve your best life.

Just remember: The investments we make in ourselves will always deliver the most profitable returns. – Sumner Davenport

Written by: Patricia K. Flanigan, Smart Strategies for Successful Living

Patricia K. Flanigan has worked in higher education for over 28 years. She holds a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of La Verne as well as a M.A.  in Latin American Studies and B.A. in Anthropology from the University of California, Los Angeles. Before retiring and moving to Idaho in 2015, she served as the dean of online education and learning resources at Saddleback College, a large community college in Southern California. She currently consults in higher education, volunteers for AARP, writes for a local magazine, and serves as an Affiliate Faculty member at Boise State University  and on the Board for LEARN Idaho.  Since February 2017, she has been the founding director for Smart Strategies for Successful Living, a community-based website designed to promote quality aging.  As an educator, her focus is to inspire others to live and age well.