While volunteering is essentially unpaid services, it offers priceless benefits to you and the community in terms of goodwill and quality of human life. Volunteering is an excellent way for you to:

Go beyond your comfort zone to develop new experiences, knowledge, and insights.

Become a contributing member of the community by giving back and making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Build new relationships and connections with community members.

Create a sense of accomplishment and identity.

Find Opportunities to Volunteer in Your Community

There are always people less fortunate than you. Spend some time reaching out and helping others. Make a difference in their lives by becoming a volunteer in your local community.

To explore your options, check out the following organizations:

AARP: For more information, CLICK HERE.

Alzheimer’s Association: CLICK HERE.

American Cancer Association: CLICK HERE.

American Heart Association: CLICK HERE.

American Red Cross:  CLICK HERE.

Animal Shelters: Check your local listings.

Assistance League (National Site): CLICK HERE.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America: CLICK HERE.

Church Groups: Check your local listings.

Food Pantries: Check your local listings.

The Girl and Boy Scouts of America: Girl Scouts: CLICK HERE. Boy Scouts: CLICK HERE.

Grapevine: CLICK HERE.

Habitat for Humanity: CLICK HERE.

Homeless Shelters: Check your local listings.

Libraries: Check your local listings.

Meals on Wheels:  CLICK HERE.

Museum/Art Centers: Check your local listings.

Schools (after school tutoring): Check your local listings.

Senior Centers: Check your local listings.

Service Clubs such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, AAUW, and others: Check your local listings.

United Way: CLICK HERE.

Volunteer Abroad Programs: CLICK HERE.

Women’s Shelters: Check your local listings.


People Helping People…

Discover positive ways to be of service to others and to add a sparkle of hope and love into their lives. You can make the difference.

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Website Search for Volunteer Opportunities

To learn more about about ways to volunteer, go online to: VolunteerMatch.org or Allforgood.org. Reaching out to help others will be an ultimate gift to you.

The World is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers. – Terri Guillemets