The Essentials of Self-Respect

Self-Respect is a mindset that gives you a sense of pride, faith, confidence, and dignity in who and what you are. Ultimately, it has nothing to do with the approval of others and everything to do with your own belief that you have value and are worth being treated well.

To evaluate your level of self-respect, ask yourself how many of the statements below are true to who you are. Strive to make changes in those areas that don’t seem to apply much to you right now.

(1)  I have a realistic sense of my strengths and weaknesses.

(2)  I accept myself the way I am right now, with imperfections.

(3)  I’m entitled to be treated with respect, by myself and others, just because I’m a human being.

(4)  I feel worthy of respect from myself and others.

(5)  My sense of self and self-respect are strong enough to withstand the bumps and bruises of life.

(6)  I feel and show respect for others, and care about fairness and equity for all.

(7)  I feel worthwhile without needing approval from others.

(8)  I feel worthwhile even (and especially) in circumstances that reveal my lack of knowledge, experience, or ability.

(9)  I apologize genuinely and quickly when I hurt someone.

(10) I don’t bolster my own self-respect at the expense of others.

(11) I can earn additional respect or regard for new accomplishments.

(12) My self-respect helps me know when to stop chasing relationships that are not working, when people are treating me disrespectfully, and when the personal cost of compromise needed to maintain a relationship is too high.

Even though I am happy with who I am and accept myself as I am today, I will want to learn and grow.

Source: Commitment Connection