Easy Ways to Spend Less $$$

Too many people spend what they earn.  They have little to no savings in the bank for those inevitable times when money is desperately needed. Are you one of these people? Do you find it difficult to save money for the future?

If you are, here are some easy ways to spend less money and start saving for a brighter tomorrow.

  1. Make your own meals. Eating out can be expensive. If you reduce the number of meals out by 50% each week, you will be well on your way to saving money.
  2. Limit your indulgences. Getting your morning coffee at fancy coffee place, going to your favorite bar for drinks, seeing movies at the theatre, or shopping for the sake of shopping can quickly drain your weekly earnings. How can you cut back?
  3. Purchase items in bulk or on sale. Always look for your best deals. However, buy only the items that you would normally use. Don’t spend money on perishable products that will go bad or impulse ones that will simply sit on the shelf.
  4. Shop at bargain stores, thrift shops, or outlet malls. With the right store, you can often find quality items at a discount. Online shopping can also prove to be a viable way to get your items for the best price.
  5. Buy only the groceries you need or can keep. Be selective when you go marketing. Don’t go to the grocery store when you are hungry or with others that encourage you to spend more. Remember: whenever you throw away food, you are essentially throwing away good money.
  6. Stop buying bottled water. Tap water is free and safe to drink. If you have any concerns about your water quality or taste, use a purifier over buying expensive bottled water.
  7. Think of spending in terms of what you earn by the hour. If you make $10 an hour, spending $5 on a cup of coffee every morning is 50% of your gross earnings for one hour. Make sure that whatever you do is worth your time on task.
  8. Pause before you make a purchase of over $50. Before buying an expensive item, ask yourself: Do I really need it? Can I get it for less at a different store? Is it worth it?  Allow yourself about 24 hours to pause before going through with any expensive purchases.
  9. Always pay off your credit card by its monthly due date. Get in the habit of living within your means. Yes, you may have to use your credit card to make a purchase but pay it off before you are hit with the added expense of ridiculously high interest rates.
  10. Cancel subscriptions to newspapers and magazines that you don’t read or streaming services that you don’t watch. Don’t waste money on something that has little to no value to you.
  11. Adjust your thermostat by a couple of degrees down in the winter and up in the summer. Heating and air conditioning can become a high expense during certain times of the year. When you adjust the temperature by a few degrees, accommodate for the change by wearing more suitable clothing.
  12. Use your library to check out FREE books, movies, and music. This is an easy way to save money without sacrificing your enjoyment.
  13. Save on gas expenses by reducing your time in the car. Walk or ride your bicycle whenever you can. If you use your car, plan out what you need to do and try to combine your errands into a single trip. This will reduce the wear and tear on your car and high gas costs.
  14. What other things can you do to save money? Write down a few additional ways to spend less that are specific to you.

Make it Happen
From the suggestions above, which ones, including your own, most resonate with you? Choose those that will give you the most bucks for the efforts and start working on your action list RIGHT NOW!

Take it to the Bank!
Estimate how much your action list will save you each month. Take your estimated savings (at least $15 each week) and open up a “Brighter Tomorrow” savings account at your local bank.  Each month, deposit a minimum of $60 in this account. Don’t take anything out of the account for at least 12 months. This effort will make a huge difference when you least expect it.

Source: Community Readers Like Yourself